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1980 to 2000 - "Out-Patient before In-Patient!"

5 March 1980
Federal President Carstens visits Bethel.

31 December 1980
The number of persons working at the v. Bodelschwingh Institutions reaches 8,549. This figure breaks down into 2,845 employees in clinics and special hospitals, 1,058 in homes, 275 in the educational sector, 172 in the homeless persons’ sector, 3,073 in supply and business services, workshops for the disabled and work therapy programs and 1,126 in the college, professional training and special education sector, which serves 2,700 students and pupils. A total of 4,765 persons are receiving care and assistance at all of the institution’s facilities. This figure breaks downs into 1,751 persons with convulsive and seizure disorders, 661 psychiatric patients, 489 persons with learning difficulties, 242 hospital beds for acutely ill persons, 970 homeless people. The remaining number is made up of young people in need of correctional education, addicts in treatment centers, elderly persons in senior citizens’ homes and young homeless people.

A Department of Neurosurgery is established at Gilead Hospital. A limited number of operations are conducted there that serve the purpose of improving or healing seizure illnesses. The department receives a CT in 1981.

6 December 1981
Pastor Alex Funke becomes an honorary citizen of the City of Bielefeld.

March 1982
Eckardtsheim celebrates its centenary. 1,530 persons with psychiatric needs, individuals with seizure afflictions and persons with multiple disabilities, elderly persons, distressed and socially disadvantaged individuals are living at Eckardtsheim in the anniversary year.

Program of Action in psychiatry at the v.Bodelschwingh Institutions Bethel. The program covers, among other things:
- removal of long-term patients from Morija Hospital
- merger of Morija with Gilead
- establishing the Triangle, Roggen and Steinburg long-term treatment homes

Takeover of providing mandatory psychiatric care for the entire City of Bielefeld.

The last remaining large dormitory in a Bethel building is closed. Bethel now only has single or double rooms.

13 February 1985
Federal President von Weizsaecker visits the Bethel Facilities.

1 May 1985
A Bethel exhibition goes on tour for two years in America.

6 May 1987
Home dialysis center established at Gilead Hospital.

16 November 1987
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit is presented to the public.

Re-organization of service structures. Valid structures are created by the end of the 1990’s.

1 July 1988
Cooperation agreement concluded between Bethel and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. Planning starts for establishing an epilepsy neurosurgical unit. Estimates for 1990 envision 100 operations annually. It is assumed that preoperative diagnostics and postoperative treatment will be carried out at Mara Epilepsy Hospital and that operations will continue to be performed at Gilead Hospital.

31 January 1990
Former East German communist leader Erich Honecker finds refuge in the home of the Lobetal pastor.

1 May 1992
Resolutions regarding changes to service and organizational structures come into force under the motto: “Bolstering Unity with Greatest Possible Independence for Service Units”. The composition of the board of management changes as a consequence of these changes.

Celebration of the 125th anniversary of the v. Bodelschwingh Institutions Bethel.

1 September 1993
Establishment of a hospice at Bethel.

14 September 1993
The Emperor and Empress of Japan visit Bethel.

October 1993
Transformation of the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) into an international communion of churches in three continents. It consists of 33 churches and the v. Bodelschwingh Institutions Bethel.

125th anniversary of the Sarepta Deaconesses.

11 March 1994
The administrative board appoints Pastor Friedrich Schophaus as successor to Johannes Busch, the current director, who will retire at the end of 1994.

4th Sunday in Advent 1994
Installment of Pastor Friedrich Schophaus as director of the v.Bodelschwingh Institutions Bethel.

1 August 1995
Opening of a school of occupational therapy in Eckardtsheim

End of 1995
The peat factory closes at the end of 1995 following the final end of peat mining in Freistatt. Freistatt took over the obligation to guarantee jobs in the nature protection sector when it formed the “Freistatt Foundation for Nature Protection & Conservation”.

1 April 1996
New structures take effect at the Bethel service unit. Formation of six departments with clearly defined tasks forms the core of the structural reform.

26 June 1997
Reform of the Federal Social Aid Act (FSAA). The law, among others, calls for priority of open assistance, adjustment of the service parameters of the FSAA to the Federal Home Nursing Care Act, remuneration of services with flat rate payments from welfare offices, etc.

August 1996
Consolidation of all resources dedicated to assistance for the homeless. Resolution to outsource traditional facilities working in this sector and GEBAL GmbH and to consolidate them as one unit. (GEBAL GmbH is a company offering employment opportunities to long-term unemployed individuals with the aim of integrating them into the labor market).

1 January 1997
The Wohnungslosenhilfe Bethel GmbH (Bethel Homeless Assistance Company) commences operations as an amalgamation of Gebal GmbH and other service units involved in assistance for the homeless.

September 1997
The Bethel service unit opens a branch in Dortmund. The branch offers residential assistance for ten persons with mental or multiple disabilities.

1 January 1998
The reformed service structure at Eckardtsheim comes into force. Eckardtsheim now has five specialized departments.

9 June 1998
Visit to Bethel by Federal President Roman Herzog. Assistance for homeless persons is the main focus of his visit.

17 June 1998
Opening of Haus Zuversicht (Confidence Home) as a residential hospice.

Sarepta introduces new canons and ordinances. The right to life-long care is abolished for new sisters who join Sarepta. Married women may also be admitted to the sisterhood.

April 1999
The Sarepta and Nazareth Foundations resolve to form a closely affiliated group with one administration. The resolution comes into effect on 1 January 2000.

June 1999
Centenary of Freistatt.

November 1999
End of residential work at Wilhelmsdorf.

26 November 1999
The v. Bodelschwingh Institutions adopt a resolution for reorganizing their corporate structure. The objective is to present a uniform appearance on the market. The most significant element of the resolution is reorganization of business units, i.e. consolidation of the same services offered by different providers at the same locations. The following steps are foreseen within this process:
1 January 2000: the business units, assistance for the homeless and for young people shall be consolidated into Gebal GmbH. Care of the elderly, which was offered by all of the foundations, shall be consolidated under company management.
1 January 2001: merger of the Workshops for the Disabled at Bethel and Eckardtsheim. They shall form the business segment “Work & Occupational Rehabilitation” together with the other facilities active in the same field.
1 January 2001: formation of a corporate unit in the Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr Area) consisting of the former Homborn service unit and Department V (Ruhr Area Region) of the Bethel service unit.
1 January 2002: the business units for psychiatry and assistance for the disabled shall each be managed as a separate corporate unit. Bethel and Eckardtsheim both previously offered these services. This organizational measure abolishes the previous system of service units.

In 2000, the v. Bodelschwingh Institutions Bethel provide 14,188 beds and places in the schools and training facilities and in the field of residential and semi-residential assistance. A total of 11,098 individuals are employed full and part-time at the v. Bodelschwingh Institutions Bethel.

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