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Donations for the work with sick and handicapped persons

The work of Bethel is centred on persons in need of help. Each year more than 180 000 sick and handicapped persons are given individual care, encouragement and support. Many forms of help are only possible because of donations. That is why for more than 140 years now Bethel has asked other people to support them. The wide variety of work in Bethel is not conceivable without its friends and supporters. They contribute towards providing appropriate and up-to-date assistance for sick, disabled and socially deprived persons.

For example, thanks to the donations we receive, people with disabilities can be helped to live their lives as part of society. For people with disabilities also want to enjoy having good neighbours, to chat to other people and to deal with many things as independently as possible. This has been made possible thanks to the magnificent help of our friends and supporters. With their support projects could be carried out to provide special accommodation in areas that did not have enough places available until then. Disabled people can now stay near their families and be as independent as possible in the place they know – even if they need help and encouragement.

Through the support of our friends and supporters a new hospital for children with epilepsy could be opened. Thanks to the modern building, the living conditions and possibilities for treating the sick children have improved tremendously. So the young patients can cope better with their long stay in hospital, which is often for several months.

Another example is help for persons with acquired brain damage. We can offer them the best possible care and treatment and individual help. Vehicles to transport disabled people and hydraulic lifts to give more mobility to disadvantaged persons were purchased from donations.
In future we shall continue to rely on support. Every donation helps.

 If you wish to support us with a donation: From countries in the European Union please use the following bank details:

IBAN (International Bank Account Number):
DE48 4805 0161 0000 0040 77;
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): SPBIDE3BXXX

You can also contact us directly by telephone: +49-(0)521/144-3600 or by writing to spenden[at]bethel.de and we shall be pleased to help you.

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