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v.Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel
Department of Public Relations 
Dankort, Quellenhofweg 25
33617 Bielefeld
Telephone +49-(0)521/144-3599 
Fax +49-(0)521/144-5214
E-Maill pr.information[at]bethel.de

Legal Details

Foundation Bethel
Königsweg 1
33617 Bielefeld
Telephone: +49-(0)521 144-3512
E-Mail: presse[at]bethel.de

The v.Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel is an alliance of church foundations in accordance with civil law:
Legal Representative: 
Chairman of the Board Pastor Ulrich Pohl
Supervisory Body:
Head Office of the  Evangelical Church of Westphalia 
Responsible for contents according to § 6 MDStV:
Pastor Ulrich Pohl
In spite of careful control of contents we accept no liability for the content of external links. The content of a linked site is entirely the responsibility of the operator of that site.
Legal Advice
Copying information, texts, diagrams or other elements on these pages by whatever means requires the direct or implied permission of bethel.de. Copying a page from this presentation into a frame of a different site or depicting details from this presentation as one’s own information is only possible with the permission of bethel.de. The author is responsible for articles and contributions on the bethel.de website. 
With all clarity we dissociate ourselves from any illegal, harmful, morally or ethically offensive content. Please inform us if you find any such thing on our website. bethel.de is responsible according to general law for  the content of its site.
Declaration of Copyright
The diagrams used on bethel.de are the copyright of the department of public relations and communications of the v.Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel and require its permission to be used elsewhere. In particular the further use of illustrations from the bethel.de website and the design of logos and badges is only possible with the permission of the author.

Editorial Staff
Presse & Kommunikation Bethel
Dankort, Quellenhofweg 25
33617 Bielefeld
Telefon 0521/144-3512
Telefax 0521/144-2274
E-Mail presse[at]bethel.de

Internet Service
scanlitho.teams FullService GmbH
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33617 Bielefeld
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E-Mail info[at]scanlitho.de
Internet www.scanlitho.de

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