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Various forms of epilepsy are among the most frequent neurological illnesses world-wide. The causes of seizure illnesses are manifold. Damage of brain tissue is a frequent cause. Epilepsy can be inborn or originate from accidents or illnesses.

The Bethel Epilepsy Center in Bielefeld-Bethel is among Europe’s leading centers for treating and rehabilitating persons with epilepsy. It has highly specialized diagnostic and treatment options, which also include epilepsy surgery. The first German rehabilitation clinic for epilepsy patients was opened at Bethel to provide assistance with occupational and social hurdles. Scientific research at Bethel for the benefit of patients enjoys a high reputation.

The Epilepsy Center in Berlin-Brandenburg, which is affiliated with the Bethel Group, is one of Germany’s largest centers, and it offers all of the options for treating epilepsy. The center especially specializes in psychotherapeutic treatment. Aiding young individuals with epilepsy constitutes another point of focus. The center cooperates with other facilities that emphasize medical care and patient integration.

The v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel has established an Occupational Training Center (OTC) to enable young persons with epilepsy to get access to the working world. It is the only facility in Europe that specializes in occupational training of persons with seizure illnesses.

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