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Schools, Professional Training and University Studies

“Everyone has the right to attend a school with individual support and to learn an appropriate occupation. Everyone learns at his or her own pace and achievement potential must therefore be taken into consideration. Learning and access to education must remain possible for all persons throughout their lives.” This requirement is an integral and essential component of the Bethel vision of “Putting Community into Practice”. Bethel is committed to ensuring that all children and adolescents, including those with special educational needs, are encouraged in the best manner possible.

Bethel is the provider of a large number of schools, including secondary school, high school, vocational college and special education schools such as the Mamre-Patmos School in Bielefeld-Bethel, a special school for children and young people with various disabilities. In the v.Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel there is a broad selection of vocational training available for people with and without disabilities.

Particularly important at Bethel is the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons, in accordance with the Bethel vision “that all people can live, learn and work together in their diversity as a natural fact of life.” The United Nations Convention requires that students with disabilities can be taught in normal schools. At the high school in the Friedrich-von-Bodelschwingh Schools in Bielefeld-Bethel, pupils without disabilities are being taught in classes together with children who have special educational needs.

Bethel has most of its schools and training facilities in Bielefeld, where they are combined in the “Schools Unit” of the foundation. An additional special school and a vocational college are maintained in Freistatt and Hannover in the “Bethel in North Germany“ area. Additional educational offers in Bethel include the College for Welfare Work and the Church, the University of Applied Sciences (FHdD), Wuppertal-Bethel Theological College together with the Institute for Social Welfare Work and Management, and Bethel Vocational College.

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