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  • Das Foto zeigt Blumen: eine scharf abgebildete gelbe Rose im Bildmittelpunkt und unscharf abgebildete orangefarbene Gladiolen im Hintergrund.
  • Das Foto zeigt eine brennende rote Kerze und eine Frauenhand, die sie leicht umfasst.


“The dignity of death is part of human dignity in the same manner as dying is a part of life.” This principle shapes the process of dealing with terminally ill people within the v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel.

Bethel is committed, in the State of Saxony as well, to supporting individuals in such a way that they can make their last journey in life out of hospital. Bethel and seven other shareholding partners opened the “Villa Auguste Hospice“ in 2002 in the city of Leipzig.

Many persons live alone and have no one who can take care of them around the clock in the final phase of their life. At the “Villa Auguste Hospice", there is always someone near to take care of them and lend a sympathetic ear for their troubles. No one is left alone with his or her fears and pain. Employees and volunteer staff ensure that persons in the hospice can spend the end of their life in the most comfortable manner possible.

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